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Flange Mounted Geared Motor

We, at Hylo Transmissions, stand as a prominent manufacturer with a specialized focus on producing FLANGE MOUNTED HOLLOW INPUT

gear solutions, recognized for their exceptional durability. Our diverse collection of Cycloidal Gear Boxes includes the FLANGE MOUNTED HOLLOW INPUT

variant. These gear boxes are meticulously handcrafted utilizing high-caliber materials such as Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, and other premium-grade components. Moreover, we take pride in our ability to personalize these gear boxes to precise specifications provided by our esteemed clientele.

Flange Mounted Geared Motor Specifications


  • Torque range: 9Nm-60,500Nm
  • Ratio Range: 6-7569
  • Power Range: 0.25HP-200HP

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Flange Mounted Geared Motor Features

Cycloidal Speed Reduction Technology :

Quiet, efficient and reliable operation with high torque density and compact in size

Break-Resistant Teeth:

The “cycloidal disc” has a unique and smooth curve, which together with its smooth rolling contact, prevents tooth breakage, resulting in a durable product with a long product life.

Modular Design:

Interchangeable cast iron housing in foot, flange or face mounting configurations.


Because of its flat Cyclo disc arrangement, it is very compact, even at high reduction rates.

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