Pioneering Excellence in Cycloidal Gearbox and Speed Reducers

Hylo Transmissions is one of India’s leading organisations for designing and manufacturing of cycloidal gearbox and speed reducers. Since 1981, Hylo Transmissions, a renowned enterprise that has been serving transmission needs in the fields of oil/solids separation (oil drilling, refining, dewatering), pharmaceuticals, industrial and biological wastewater treatment, precious metal recovery, food processing. With the use of cutting-edge infrastructure and state of art manufacturing facility, we have been able to satisfy the high supply demand.In the year 2022 Hylo Transmissions was acquired by parent company Top Gear Transmissions which is leading transmission solution provider in country.

Empowering Efficiency

Hylo provides one of the premium solutions through its cycloid speed reducers and gearmotors. The ground-breaking HYLO design offers performance that is quieter, more effective, more dependable and durable than involute tooth gear designs.Hylo’s reduction components work in compression rather than shear, which produces performance that is incredibly tough and shock resistant. Hylo’s technology offers the widest selection of application possibilities currently accessible when combined with cutting-edge product options and accessories.

Cycloidal Speed Reduction Technology

Quiet, efficient and reliable operation withhigh torque density and compact in size

Break-Resistant Teeth

The “cycloidal disc” has a unique and smooth curve, which together with its smooth rolling contact, prevents tooth breakage, resulting in a durable product with a long product life

Modular Design

Interchangeable cast iron housing in foot, flange or face mounting configurations.


Because of its flat Cyclo disc arrangement, it is very compact, even at high reduction rates.

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